For Fred again! I LOVE YOU, FRED!! Wondering who Fred is? You'll have to check alt commands to find out! To be continued elsewhere...

In one word, this puppy is LARGE. Loaded with features and weapons, you should never bore of this. Since it's a hovercraft, it should be able to ride on water and land, and Hasbro made good by making it able to float. Another cool feature, is a push button which rotates the blades, which make forward motion possible. In real life, anyways. It's a toy. *You* have to push it. Some of the features on it are: a small recon motorcycle (just a little too small), a loading ramp for troops, a recon water sled and some some depth charges. Equipped with 8 missles, two machine gun posts and two large mortar canons. The down side? No weapon can face the rear! It's a sitting duck! Came complete with a Cutter figure. Quite a fun vehicle if you have the room for it.
Mold was reused for the Night Force Night Striker back.
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