What can you say about a jeep that has ray-guns instead of headlights? The Eliminator 4WD Jeep it is yet another one of the odd Battle Force 2000 vehicles. Like many of the other BF 2000 vehicles, it's molded in light green, blue and steel colors. Not exactly, camouflage, but there are worse color combinations. The Eliminator is loaded with high-tech weaponry: two front ray-guns, one laser cannon on the driver's right side, a rear anti-air laser turret, and a hidden missile rack packing nine green projectiles. The missile rack is under the rear anti-air turret, which detaches to become part of the Future Fortress. Other features include postionable front and rear tires, a bumper, a small removable engine cover, and the traditional tow-hook. If only they'd given the vehicle a steering wheel, too. There's one shown in the catalog picture of the prototype, but it's not on the "production model". That's what bugs me most about the Eliminator, that and the lack of headlights. I gather that BF 2000 doesn't go on night missions. In spite of these shortcomings, I feel that the Eliminator is one of the better BF 2000 vehicles. It's worth picking up at a decent price. Besides, poor Blocker (figure sold separately) won't have any thing to drive if you don't.
Review by: Aaron back.