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   •Jet Pack
   •Rapid Fire Motorcycle
   •Heavy Artillery Laser
   •Mobile Missile System
   •FLAK Light Cannon

    GIJoe Headquarters
    •Amphibious Personnel Carrier
       •Missile Launcher
       •Flame Thrower
       •Machine Gun
    •Polar Battle Bear
    •Falcon Glider
    •Cobra F.A.N.G.
    •Cobra H.I.S.S.
    •Cobra S.N.A.K.E.
    •Cobra Viper Glider

    •Twin Battle Gun
    •Sky Hawk
    •VAMP II
    •Cobra Rattler
    •Cobra Stinger
    •Cobra Assault System Pod
    •Cobra Water Moccasin
    •Cobra C.L.A.W.


    •Weapon Transport
    •Bomb Disposal
    •Silver Mirage
    •A.W.E Striker
    •Bridge Layer
    •Transportable Tactical Battle Platform
    •U.S.S Flagg
    •Cobra Flight Pod
    •Cobra Night Landing
    •Cobra Ferret
    •Cobra Hydrofoil


    •Conquest X-30
    •Recon Sled
    •Triple T
    •Cobra Stun
    •Cobra Night Raven
    •Cobra Terrordrome
    •Dreadnok Thunder Machine
    •Dreadnok Swampfire

    Defiant Space Shuttle Complex
    •Mobile Command Center NEW
    •Road Toad
    •Coastal Defender
    •Crossfire Fast Attack (Radio controlled)
    •Cobra Mamba
    •Cobra Maggot
    •Cobra Wolf
    •Cobra Sea Ray
    •Cobra Buzz Boar
    •Cobra Pogo
    •Cobra Jet Pack
    •Dreadnok Cycle
    •Dreadnok Airskiff

    Phantom X-19
    •Rolling Thunder
    •Mean Dog
    •Warthog AIFV NEW
    •Desert Fox 6WD
    •Skystorm X-Wing
    •Remote Piloted Vehicle
    Battleforce 2000:
        •Eliminator Jeep
        •Dominator Snow Tank
        •Vindicator Hovercraft
        •Marauder Motorcycle/Tank
        •Vector Jet
        •Sky Sweeper Anti-Aircraft Tank
    •Cobra Stellar Stiletto
    •Cobra Battle Barge
    •Cobra Bugg
    •Cobra Adder
    •Cobra Imp
    Destro's Iron Grenadiers:
        •Destro's Despoiler
        •Anti-Grav Pod
    •Various Joe and Cobra "Action Packs" and "Motorized Vehicles"

    •Arctic Blast
    •Crusader Space Shuttle
    •Battlefield Robot: Radar-Rat
    •Battlefield Robot: Tri-Blaster
    •Cobra H.I.S.S II
    •Cobra Condor Z-25
    •Cobra F.A.N.G II
    •Battlefield Robot: Devastator
    •Battlefield Robot: Hovercraft
      Special Mission Series:
        Tiger Force:
          •Tiger Fly
          •Tiger Rat
          •Tiger Cat
          •Tiger Sting
          •Tiger Shark
          •Tiger Paw
          •Tiger Fish
        Python Patrol:
          •Python Conquest
          •Python Stun
          •Python A.S.P
        Slaughter's Marauders:
        Iron Grenadiers:

    •Mobile Battle Bunker
      Sky Patrol:
        •Sky HAVOC
        •Sky Hawk
        •Sky Raven
        •Sky Sharc
    •Cobra Hammerhead
    •Cobra Rage
    •Cobra Piranha
    •Cobra Hurricane VTOL
    •Cobra Overlord's Dictator
      Iron Grenadiers
        •Destro's Dominator


I will NOT be listing 91, or later, because in my opinion, it's just shit. But, if people demand it; I will list them.

Fred's Customs!
[ Lowlife | Porterhouse | Grenadier | Snow Trooper | Hardcore | Backslider | Homeless Viper | Stoner Viper ]

I hope you enjoyed Fred's customs. Fred wrote all the lower captions concerning body parts. I merely cut and pasted them. If you know a part he wasn't quite sure about, tell him! Not me! Anyway, if you've got a custom figure or vehicle you'd like me to put up, let me know! Send me the image (.jpg preferred), and I'll get it up as soon as possible. I'd really like getting some custom vehicles up, so if you got 'em, share 'em!

Vehicles listed on this site are NOT for sale. I don't even own them all.

I'm always looking for new reviews. Regardless if the page has one or not. If you'd like to submit a review, submit a picture, inform me of an error, or want me to post a link to your site, feel free to tell me!

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