This is one fine piece of machinery. It finally gives Cobra a decent sized helicopter (sorry, those little Fangs don't quite cut it for me).It's fairly well armed, with four long missiles, one huge bomb, and two smaller ones on the main body. The bombs could be dropped with mechanisms, rather than just taking them off the pegs and dropping them. The two pods on the side detach, and have a doubled barreled gun and two missiles each. The overall design kicks. I'm not quite sure how well double rotor blades would work, if at all, but it looks cool all the same. The mechanism that turns the rotor doesn't work all that well (the blades tend to slap against one another), but it may just be that it's previous owners wore it out. The pilot, Gyro-Viper, is pretty unexceptional looking, but that's no big deal. All in all, a good buy if you can find it intact.
Review by: Gregback