The HISS. This is one fine vehicle. Reminiscent of a Nazi war tank, this early tank lets you know that cobras are evil. Not much firepower coming from this machine though, it was only equipped with two top mounted cannons which swiveled with the turret which held one cobra troop. Behind him was room and pegs for two other cobra troops, but they were sure to be knocked off if they didn't keep their heads down when those twin cannons swiveled back. The cockpit was sturdy and evil looking as well, and the all black vehicle was contrasted nicely with the HISS driver. One of the finest Cobra figures made, in my humble opinion. The HISS is a top rate cobra destruction device.
Mold was later reused for 1985's red Sentry Missile System, 1991's Septic Tank, and 2001's H.I.S.S. III
Review by: Fred BACK