The Wolverine is a classic vehicle from 1983. It's molded in nice olive green, with dark-grey molded tracks. The Wolverine is well armed, with a rotating missile launcher with 12 removable missles. Other features include a tow hook, a removable engine cover, and a removable tow-cable. It also has the distinction of having the only female GI Joe vehicle driver, Cover Girl. The only bad things about the vehicle are that there are no foot-pegs, so it can only carry one figure, and the removable tow-cable is pretty fragile, so finding a Wolverine with an unbroken tow-cable can be difficult. The Wolverine was in stores from 1983 through 1984, and was subsequently available through mail-order for a few years after that. In 1989, Hasbro used the chassis of the Wolverine with a new gun-turret to make the Lynx, part of the Slaughter's Marauders sub-group. Review by: Aaron.
Chassis later reused for 1989's Slaughter's Marauders Lynx back.