Cobra S.N.A.K.E. [System: Neutralizer Armed Cloaking Device]
The SNAKE was an excellent concept, and surprisingly under-used in both the comic and the cartoon series. The basic design of the suit allowed for multiple play scenarios, with the provided rubber "skeleton" that would give you the ability to have a behemoth of a robot without the loss of a figure.

The suit could also hold a figure, and the background provided with the suit was that it was capable of brainwashing Joes into working for cobra! While the suit can't hold every figure, it could hold almost all of the ones produced at the time. Not the most articulated piece of equipment in the Cobra Arsenal, but one of the more ingeneous ones.

However, the truly ingenious play aspect of this toy, was its ability to be customized with the different hand attachments that it came with. The suite came with a removeable missle, flame thrower, claw, and machine gun. Its easy to assume that this set of armor ultimately let to the smaller, yet more detailed BAT action figure.

Definitely one of the better, and least appreciated pieces of the Real American Hero line.
Review by: Dan