The GREATEST GI Joe vehicle ever?
The Tomahawk is a transport Joe helicopter with a slew of great features. Where do I start? Its main purpose is for transporting personell, as it has 5 seats in the center cabin and two spots up front for pilot and copilot. It is nice and large, and even with all the guys in their seats you can still throw extra guns, packs, and equipment in the cargo bay. There is a neat fold down door in the back that, to me, looks like you are supposed to drive a vehicle up the ramp and into the cargo bay. However, I don't think there are any Joe vehicles that would fit in the cargo bay, even with the seats removed (maybe a PAC/RAT, I never tried) there are two swiveling guns placed next to the seats on each side so that there will be a little cover fire when you get close to the ground. There is a gattling gun mounted near the front that swivels and rotates 360 degrees, providing more heavy cover fire. Also there is a hook and line on the bottom for transporting small artillery and the like. With 6 small bombs and 2 large rockets, the helicopter can also be used for bombing, however in reality I doubt a hellicopter like this would be used as such. Good detail all around, no real cheesy points at all, in my humble opinion. One of my favorite vehicles.
Review by: Scott Back.