Where to start? Well the sheer size is something to consider when setting up this monster! It's roughly 2.5 feet wide by 8 feet long; once you set it up it needs to stay put.

Building is really straightforward as long as you have the instruction booklet. The flight deck is the most difficult part to set up correctly. It is held in place with a series of clips and supported with braces along with the elevator framework and the bow and stern caps.

Some things to look out for are it's in a million pieces! The tabs to inter lock the equipment in the super structure break easily and if in place still do not hole the gear in correctly. The mast on top consist of about 8 or 9 pieces alone. The radar platform is difficult to keep in place on the side of the island.

Once set up, this thing is awesome to play with. Its size lends to a lot of fun! Most of the aircraft in the GI Joe realm fit well on the flight deck. The F-14 is the only aircraft that is really just too big.
Review by: Bailey, David H AWC  (CNAL N703)
The USS Flagg, the pinnacle of Joe toys. This massive playset is one of the biggest and hardest to find intact and/ or complete. It stands 3 1/2 feet tall and 7 feet long. The folks at Hasbro pulled out all the stops with this one, from the control tower, to the flight deck, the tow vehicle and fuel truck, to the deck elevator, to all the nifty little guns and radars. There's even an admiral's launch incase Cobra gets ambitious enough and manages to sink this puppy. The small pieces and parts (which are too numerous to list) get easily misplaced or lost, especially the deck clips and the two Y-pins for the control tower. The deck, In My Humble Opinion, is just a bit too small considering the size of some of the joe planes. Namely the Phantom X-19. Have one of those along with a Skystriker or two and the deck is just over crowded instantly. Plus with the Skystriker having to have it's wings extended to get the landing gear to drop and you lose even more space. But, it's a minor complaint in comparison to the rest of the ship. This thing is made for playing, the decks are big with lots of room, however, once you set this thing up, don't plan on moving it much or often. The entire ship rests on a truss system which means, no hull, and NO it won't float. It's also kind of a flimsy set up considering how heavy it is, but it does the job well enough. The only thing I could ask for with this, besides making the landing deck a bit wider so you could still land planes while having some parked on deck, is to add another level to the control tower either above or below. All in all, this is a great adition to any collection and a must for fans. Review by: MarvlosToy
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