This F-14 is well detailed and just as well armed. It has 2 long range Phoenix missles, 2 medium range Sparrow missles, and 2 heatseaking Sidewinder missles, as well as a machine gun in the nose (it's molded into the plastic) and a massive gun on the underside. One of the cool things this toy does is when you slide the lever on the top of the aircraft, the wings fold in and the landing gear retracts. Also included are parachutes that attach to the removable seats, so the pilots can "eject" from the plane. It came with the pilot "Ace", as far as figures go he is a little unusual...he looks more like an astronaut than a pilot, with his big bubble helmet and white space suit looking uniform. One of the drawbacks of the Skystriker is when kids played with these they usually ended up breaking the tabs that hold the two rear stabilizers in place (I did on my Skystriker), so it is hard to find a Skystriker that has been played with where the tabs are still intact. A Skystriker was the first GI Joe vehicle I ever got, and it is still one of the coolest in my collection. Review by: Scott!
Mold was later used for 1989's Night Force Night Strike Back.