I really have nothing to say about this. How did some Bayou hicks get the ability to make a hovercraft?!
Zanzibar's Air Skiff follows in the Dreadnox tradition of wierd vehicles that are difficult to believe. One of the more humorous things about this craft (to me at least) is the fact that Zanzibar has this big ponytail of hair and a big propeller sucking large amounts of air to propel the vehicle. I just get this vision of his hair getting sucked into the rotors and then pulling him in and dicing him up. Oh well, Dreadnox aren't known for their superior intelligence.
Review by: Scott
From the catalog:

Zanzibar comes with his fully-armed, one-man Air Skiff that terrorizes the GI Joe team 24 hours a day! Comes with working fan blade, storage for weapons, movable laser guns and removable accessories.