Will someone please, for the love of God, find Fred!!

BRRRR!!!! It's Cold! The first snow vehicle, and it was sweeeet! Speaking of sweet, I like Snickers! And Skittles!
The Snow Cat is the backbone of the Joe's arctic forces. Until the Cobra Wolf came along, it pretty much had no equal. The canopy has a cool winshield wiper and frosting in the area not swept by the wiper. The armaments include 2 large missles on skis and 4 rockets mounted on a launcher that swivels up and down and rotates 360 degrees. There is room for 4 Joes on back, one can ride on each side behind the front wheel (although they'd be in a bit of trouble if Frostbite shot off one of those missles on skis) and more spots for Joes above the tractor treads once the ski missles have been fired. The only complaint that I have is the color of the missles, if you're out on an arctic tundra trying to stay hidden from Cobra, it's not smart to carry bright orange missles with you. Still, I suppose it would help kids find the missles if they were playing with the Snow Cat in actual snow. But I doubt many kids ever did. Review by:Scott.
Mold was reused in 1989's Tiger Cat Back