This wolf bites, baby. whoa. Was that not THE queerest line you've ever read?!
The Cobra Wolf is Cobra's response to the success of the Snow Cat, and it shares some similar features. The Wolf has two large missiles on skis, and 4 smaller missiles, both similar to the Snow Cat. However, the Wolf's smaller missiles are hidden away in a protective trap door next to the cockpit. The Wolf's armorment also includes a top mounted gun that swivels up and down and rotates 360 degrees. The driver sits in a cockpit similar to an aircraft's cockpit, with a co-pilot's cockpit right behind him. There is room for about 4 guys on the running boards on the side. One of the interesting features of the Wolf is that the tractor treads fold up, I suppose allowing the Wolf to travel much faster when going downhill. The two rear skis can be removed and cobra soldiers can use them to ski on. However, the skis are raised up in the center, which makes for awkward skiing. The Ice Viper driver is equipped with 2 sais that slide into slots on the side of his leg. Overall, this is a pretty competent vehicle, probably a good match for the Snow Cat. Review by:Scott
From the catalog:

The Wolf, Cobra's swift winterized attack vehicle, poses a major threat to GI JOE's Arctic forces! Features folding tracks, removable skis, hidden missile rack, two seperate cockpits and special ski torpedoes! Includes Cobra driver ICE VIPER and carries up to eight figures.
12" l. x 9" w. x 5" h.