Arnold not included!
This vehicle came out later in the line, and is probably one of the better vehicles made. It is a very customizable vehicle, in that it comes with quite a few different guns that can mount and unmount on the footbars on the side of the vehicle. The missile launchers on the back can be easily removed, as can the top mounted machine gun on the turret. What is really intersting about that particular gun, is that there is a tripod included with the vehicle that the machine gun can connect to to be used apart from the hammer.

The mounts for the missle launchers on the rear end, actually slide outwards exposing a small compartment to hold some weapons, the tripod, or whatever else you can fit in it. The hood opens, exposing the engine for view. The long antennae is also a very nice touch, although it is 'pre-bent' and will not stand up straight.

The only drawback to this vehicle, is that the tires seem to be too small. This isn't that big of a deal, however it doesn't give the vehicle as much height as a real Hum-Vee.

Regardless, its an excellent vehicle, and is a must for any collector!
Review by: Dan
From the catalog:

This high-tech jeep's three machine gun stations "swing" into action in a surprise attack against Cobra! With rotating gun turrets, launching missiles and more. Figures sold seperately.
13" l. x 7" w. x 6" h.