I ended up aquiring a Razorback at a flea market because some kid couldn't sell it and he didn't want to bother taking it home, so I got it for free. I wasn't too excited about it at first, it looked ridiculus and I don't like the colors. However, after messing around with it, I kinda grew to like it. You gotta like the turret-ball gun in the center, that thing has awesome range and mobility, probably a killer anti-aircraft weapon. The chassis bends at the center and the wheels swivel so it can probably go over a lot of rough terrain. This vehicle was made at a time when Hasbro was starting to cut back and use one single stamp for a body section instead of snapping two or three together for better detail. Even so, this vehicle still had a few cool details, such as the radar dish that raised up behind the driver cockpit, a cover for the engine compartment, a large antenna, and 8 rockets. Compared to how expensive some early GI Joe vehicles are today, you can probably pick up one of these for a pretty decent price and they are still a decent vehicle. In fact, in some cases, you can get one for free. by: Scott
From the catalog:

Keep Destro's enemies on the edge! Comes with rotating ball turret and pivoting arms to elevate body, eight missiles, driver WILD BOAR and much more. Other figures sikd seperately.
14 1/2" l. x 8" w. x 7" h.