A small, one seater helicopter, is the perfect hit and run 'copter. Quite futuristic looking, yet somehow keeping some semblance of reality. Two large machine guns, two missles, and two bombs keep it from being shot out of the sky in no time at all. There's also some room on the sides for a couple troops, and luckily, these guys have something to hold onto. It's not much, but it's something. There are two versions to the Locust. The first is a stand-alone. It's brownish with gray guns/tail rotor. The second came with the General. They are the same, with the small exception of a paintjob. The Locust version with the General is green, with yellow guns/tail rotor. Missle colors are the same as the guns, on both models.
From the catalog:

An evasive attack helicopter that swarms in to clear the zone of Cobra agents! Holds up to three figures. Figures sold seperately.

12" l. x 4 1/2" w. x 6" h.