This massive vehicle was one of the last vehicles I bought before temporarely stopping too play with GI JOE. The vehicle itself is great. It has lots of cool guns and enough space to store many GI JOE's. The only thing that struck me as odd was that the two large deckplates had to turn up to allow GI JOE's to go into the command centra's. Cobra could have easilly taken it out with one missile. It has a very cool feature that allows it to make different sounds and it has working lights that you can turn off and on. The (too) large mortar was cool. It has a spring and if you slide a shell into it (don't know how GI JOE's had to do that) and then let it go the shel will fly away (approx 60 cm.). I loved it and it mowed down a lot of Cobra's when I played with it. It is one of the more unrealistic vehicles. It came with a figure. I forgot the name of the figure.Review by: Kevin
From the catalog:

This tremendous, mobile, land based headquarters calls the shots during GI Joe's campaigns against Cobra! Launch Locust copter for quick air strikes, then swing up loading platform to reveal mortar cannon and four shells. Also with eight machine gun stations, twelve removable missiles, driver figure and more. Other figures sold seperately.

28" l. x 21" w. x 14" h.