What helped make the Joe line so fun was the numerous little playsets that was produced, such as this one. The JUMP jetpack was frequently shown on the cartoon, and is a really cool toy to add to any collection. Its small, its portable, and just a little bit sci-fi while staying slightly realistic. It came with its own launch pad, with a GIANT computer that could attach anywhere on the side of it. The backpack could fit into a peghole in the back of the computer and laser pistol could slide into a built in holster on the unit making for a very neat and compact unit. Included with the earlier versions was a repaint of Grand Slam. This was a much better version of him, as he finally looks different from Flash, while using the same body mold. He's a more difficult figure to find, as he was only released with this set and later versions of the set did not include this figure. Review by: Dan