Idea by: Fred Kerner  2000

Self Propelled Cannon--The Slugger!
This mobile artillery unit is pretty cool, there's a retractable plow in back to keep the vehicle in place when that monsterous cannon blasts a shell into the enemy lines. Thunder (the driver) has a cool dual position seat so that he can sit looking out from the top of the vehicle while he is driving, then drop down and close the hatch when the artillery barrage begins. He also comes with a cool 3 piece radio/visor/helmet. The only thing I find cheesy about this vehicle is the driver's machine gun...close observation reveals it's the same mold for Gung Ho's grenade launcher with a rifle barrel on the front. All in all, though, it's a nice piece. Review by: Scott
Mold was later used on 1997's Slugger Back