The Terrordrome. One of the coolest fuckin' bases ever.
The Terrordrome. That name struck fear into the hearts of most Joes, and glee into the hearts of most kids. It was an impressive Cobra base, and Cobra had virtually nothing to defend up until it was released except maybe a H.I.S.S or two, a F.A.N.G and a shooting range. The Joes could trample them with their MOBATS, Wolverines, Sluggers, Hals, Vamps, and even a Whale, if they needed it. Now Cobra had a place they could sit back and make sure their helmets and faceplates were nice and shiny. Even though something as massive as the Terrodrome was outdone by the even more impressive USS Flagg, it was still a fantastic toy. Its gun turrets are gargantuan. You just knew that when they were fired a whole platoon of Joes was going down. The only downside was that all four guns were facing one direction, giving the crafty joes an easy attack. The upper deck is sufficient, with room for 4 seated Cobras and 8 standing. There was also plenty of "Stand clear!" and "No standing" area. Below the deck though, it was a bit subpar. Cobras need gasoline for their vehicles, sure, but it's not such a fun activity after about three days. However, the base has three gas platforms. The jail, no matter how cool, is just too small. It fits only two Joes, which bums you out completely if you're a Cobra fan. There's one section devoted to the launching of the Firebat; in itself a pretty neat toy, and AVAC is one of the coolest looking figures in the entire line. There are two sections for the gun panels that fold out to defend the base. The remaining sections are simply for standing figures. If I were to upgrade the Terrordrome to have a larger jail, gun turrets on all sides and perhaps a few other interesting features, this would probably be the most perfect a toy could get. Simply beautiful.
Review by Fred. Back.