Yo Joe! The Vamp!
Vamp Mark II
Tiger Force!
The Vamp is classic vehicle. It was A Real American Hero's first jeep, and the basis for 5 other vehicles. The Vamp features poseable machine guns with recoiling action, removable gas cans, and an exclusive driver, Clutch. There's also a tow hook for pulling the HAL, MMS, and other equipment. Like most early Joe toys, the colors of the Vamp are realistic, the body is detailed, and the stickers are real stickers that add to look of the vehicle. I like the Vamp quite a bit, it's simple, yet effective.

As much as I like the Vamp, there is room for improvement. Turning wheels would be nice. I'd like a rear personnel platform, like the Stinger has, so it can carry more troops. If a new version were ever made, they should add such features.

Modified versions of the Vamp were released in 1984:the Vamp MK II and the Cobra Stinger. It's also worth noting that the Vamp was recolored, given the launcher and armor of the Vamp MK II, and renamed the "Tiger Sting" in 1989. Some people mistakenly believe the Tiger Sting to be a repaint of the Mark II, which was recolored and released in 1994 as the "Street Striker", part of the Street Fighter movie toy series.
Review by: Aaron
Mold was also used for 1984's Cobra Stinger and 1994's Street Fighter Street Striker Back