The MOBAT. The first Joe tank! Not too bad, actually!
I never had one of these as a kid, I'd seen them in the show but I didn't know the toy existed. Recently I got one as well as the new 98 version. It's a nice tank, very realistic. I think I like the color pattern on the new 98 version more. The original 82 version came with Steeler as a driver. The tank is motorized: by pushing forward, backward, left or right on the hatch & gun assembly you can control which way the tank drives. It's kinda cool to see a GI Joe vehicle move under its own power. The one thing I don't like is the driver's machine gun, it doesn't move and it hardly looks like a gun in the first place. by: scott
Mold later used on a Sears Exclusive Crimson Attack Tank, 1998's Mobat and 2000's Mobat. Back