This thing I don't quite get at all. I mean, I suppose it would function as a recon vehicle of some sort, but I don't see how it would turn without falling over with the wheels lined up like they are or even how someone is supposed to see out the front of it. It's a bit too sci-fi(ish) for my tastes, but with the dual missiles and the swivelling cannons on the side at least it's well armed even if the driver can get picked off from the sides. I'd say this is something to get last or not at all unless you are one of the completist collectors.
From the catalog:
Wherever there's a battle, Darklon and his Evader will be there to supply both sides with enough armaments to last a lifetime! This roving weapons' arsenal features "clam shell" styled canopy, positionable missile rack, two missiles, two removable side-mounted machine guns plus more. Includes DARKLON driver. Other figures sold seperately.
9" l. x 3 1/2" w. x 3" h.
Review by: Jon BACK