Of all the BF2k vehicles this is one of the ones I hate the most. I had and sold this thing because it's vitually useless. With it's gimmick feature, it split into two vehicles. This is true and not true. Once the "tank" portion pulls out from what becomes half the walls of the Future Fortress or whatever it was called, that part is no longer a vehicle. It's good for just that, walls. All it has left are two pea shooters and some skis. There isn't even an interior left to make the second part of any use. And the tank part that splits from the middle has the single cannon and a hollowed interior to drop a figure into. It's just ridiculous. This is something to get only if you're a completist or really love the BF2K stuff because otherwise it's just lame. If you're looking for snow tanks get a Snowcat or Avalanche, or even the horrid Polar Bear. Back