H.I.S.S. II, now we're talkin'. This stout heavy attack (I guess it was heavy attack) tank was driven by the included Track Viper who was accessorised by a cool black gun. He entered the cock pit by lowering the seat platform under the red windshield somehow. This monster was armed with a 360 degree rotating tri-cannon, which was operated by a gunner who lifted the gun and sat on a hard plastic strap (good thing they didn't have real balls, huh?), and these two missiles on the sides. The machine guns on the sides of the cock pit pod really aren't worth description sice they can only move up and down. That's probably good for shooting a really tall Joe who runs right in front of their line of fire.

The coolest thing is the personnel carrying area that slides out of the back. theres room enough for four figures to be in there at once but unfortunately they cant wear their backpacks. Hasbro started issuing these good-intention/idea-but-not-very-practical snap on belts with a clip on the back that would make a figure sit in a seat that accepts it. There are also two of those foot pegs on the outside of the door for two more potential soldiers. I feel sorry for the poor shmucks who pulled the short straws to stand out there in the heat of battle.
Review by: Milt
From the catalog:

The slithering backbone of Cobra's land forces muscles its way to the front to take on GI Joe! Heavily armed with positionable tri-barreled cannon, pivoting side guns, driver TRACK VIPER and more. Holds up to four figures. Other figures sold seperately.
11 1/2" l. x 6" w. x 6 1/2" h.