Cobra Rattler
Awesome and powerful Cobra air weapon, the Rattler is based off the real life tank killer, the A-10 Warthog. However, the Cobra Rattler goes one better than the A-10, the wings and engines swivel up to allow the Rattler to take off vertically (VTOL). The Rattler also has an additional rear gunner with swiveling turret, giving it some protection from other aircraft. Even though in the cartoon the Rattler would often engage Skystrikers in combat, the Rattler isn't well designed for air to air combat, rather it is a bomber/tank killer aircraft (which probably explains why a lot of Rattlers got shot down in the show). It has 2 very large guided bombs, 2 multipart missles, 4 rockets, and 6 large bombs under those wings, plus a large cannon under the nose. "Wild Weasel" was included with the Rattler, he was pretty cool, he's a very accurate pilot figure. by scott smith!
Mold was later used in 1989's Tiger Force Tiger Rat and 1997's A 10
From the catalog:

COBRA Commander had Destro design the ferocious Rattler; a low flying attack jet. It's COBRA's meanest weapon yet...designed to blow the MOBAT to smithereens! Includes COBRA Rattler pilot!