For me this one ranks up there with the Flagg and the Terror Drome. It's a HUGE tank/ command playset. As a toy, it's great! Three levels (Missile, Command, and Repair), tons of room for figures, and a slew of things you can have those figures do. Plus the escape slide alone makes this a neat one to have. And it came with a driver, though the driver compartment leaves a lot to be desired. But, like all good things, it has it's drawbacks. Realistically it makes NO sense. How the hell would it open? Those little hydrolic bars on the sides wouldn't have the power. Plus, once it was open it left all the key components vulnerable to attack (I guess the reason for the escape slide) and all you would need to do is take out the "legs" and the thing would topple. Still, if you can find one complete grab it. There's so many little pieces to this thing it's hard to complete.
Review by: Jon back.