I have one of these silly things and I must say, they look really cool, but they have almost no useabililty. The plane (?)/ shuttle has *no* landing gear what so ever, but the little tail fin flips up to allow for it to land on the boosters. What pilot is daring or insane enough to even *attempt* this I don't know, but it comes with the Star Viper so I guess he'd have to do. It's lightly armed with four silver missiles and a single cannon that swivels under the nose, but I guess being a rocket ship it doesn't get attacked very often. It's an interesting piece to own but not very collectable. You should be able to find one cheap enough if you take the time to look.Review by: MarvlosToy
Mold later used in 1994's Star Brigade Starfighter
From the catalog:

Could this be the final countdown for GI JOEs' Defiant space vehicle? Cobra pilot STAR-VIPER rockets in and out of the earth's atmosphere in this state-of-the-art space fighter! Features cockput with opening shell canopy, pivoting tail for take-off and landing, positional laser guns and four removable missiles!
Actual size: 14 1/2"l. x 5"w. x 8 1/2"h