Not many people like this toy, but for some reason I like having it. It's not much on its own, it has to be towed around and it has an ugly orange gun and small rockets. However, I think the coolness in this vehicle is it lets you tow other vehicles (hence the name Toad, as in "towed") that are "damaged" and need to be repaired. It has a couple nice details such as the winch and an access panal to the winch motor. So, all by itself the Road Toad isn't much, but I think they make a cheap and useful addition to the Joe motor pool. by: Scott
From the catalog:

The Road Toad comes to the rescue! Features tow hook, removable missiles, working winch and movable machine gun.
9" l. x 4 1/2" w. x 4 1/4" h.