Warthod AIFV

I have to say this is one of the coolest Joe vehicles I've ever had the good fortune of getting. I already own three and can't wait to get more. Besides having three seperate spots for the driver, gunner, and navigator? *not sure what the spot behind the driver seat is for* each driver compartment has it's own seperate and working hatch cover. Also, besides the fact that it's amphibious and really floats, the rear compartment holds six figures (but you can fit in more with some imagination) and has swing up doors on both sides. Unlike the APC it's fully armored and has treads as opposed to wheels. The antenna on the back is a bit too big for my tastes, slimmer and flexible would have been good, but that doesn't detract too much. The engine cover comes loose very easily and gets lost easily as well. The only real complaint I have with this toy is the HUGE and garish orange missiles and missile stalk on the top of it. If you can without breaking it, take the thing off. It looks so much better without it. Review by: Jon
A great toy with PLENTY of cargo room, It seats three Joe's in the front and the back is sort of like a medical room that you can also pile a lot of Joe's in. The three front seats are well detailed and had tops you either slid or you lifted. but the main feature of the Warthog was the two LARGE rotating missiles that rested on the top (they are missing from the picture). The other weapons on it was a rifle that rested near a cock pit and twelve grenade blasters six on each side that state 'Beware of Blast'- quite convincing. Over all this is a great vehicle and it is one of my favorites. Review by: Victor