The Tiger Fly is a repainted version of the Dragonfly, a toy-copy of the already existing Joe attack helicopter. The Tiger Force refit uses awesome coloring and stickers, as does anything in the Tiger Force vehicle line. The question can be asked which version is the best; the original Dragonfly, or the Tiger Fly? But does it really matter? The Dragonfly may have the advantage of realistic colors, but the Tiger Fly has the advantage of really cool colors. I'd call it even.

The Tiger Fly inherits a lot of positive points from the Dragonfly. Their shape is very realistic (obviously because they're based on a real helicopter). Their arsenal is impressive. Six missiles, a rotating machine gun under the nose, a smoke-grenade launcher, a heavy gun on the side, and (according to the box) even a flame thrower. And the hook and cable underneath are really handy.

As far as I can see, there are only two downsides to the Tiger Fly (and Dragonfly). First, the guys standing on those foot pegs on the landing skis are in real trouble if the pilot actually shoots at an enemy. And second, the mechanism to make the rotor turn is a weakness, it can break relatively easily. Also, the rotorblades themselves can get loose.

All in all, the Tiger Fly is a cool vehicle with cool features, and a worthy brother of the original Dragonfly.
Mold was previously used on 1983's Dragonfly and later on 2000's Locust
Review by: Peter back