Mmmm, and driven by WORMS.
This I think was a pretty decent artillary piece, though it did have some serious flaws. It needed at least 3 or 4 vipers to crew, and though it didn't take very long to deploy the cannon, it was a sitting duck once it was set up. The vehicle itself was still mobile, but the massive cannon wasn't going anywhere. As far as the detail, it was pretty good, except the version I owned had stickers that looked like they were in Japanese. Aside from the artillary cannon, it was armed with a good sized rotateable cannon and a small machine gun that swiveled enough to sweep directly ahead of the vehicle. Pretty sturdy, a good addition to any collection. Just make sure it's well behind your lines before you deploy it. Review by: Justin
I personally love the Maggot tank. It's one of my favorite vehicles in the Cobra line. It's tops among ground vehicles and falls only behind the Hydrofoil as all time favorite. Armed to the teeth and heavily armored plus it had that neat little radar dish that always broke (I have five and only one has the dish still intact). I must say, as much as I like it, it doesn't make too much combat sense. I mean, if you leave it intact, it's great, but to get to the command part underneath the big gun you'd need some kind of combat crane and wench. Unless you have a spare crane from the Flagg and a tank base to put it on, I can't for the life of me figure out how the big gun ever got off the command part. I suppose that's why you never saw it seperate in the comics. Review by: Jon
Mold was later used for 1988's Night Force Night Blaster
From the catalog:

Armed with incredible firepower, Maggot is Cobra's finest battlefield obliterator! It features a long-range gun emplacement, mobile command vehicle, revolving gun turrent, positionable armaments and removable engine cover! Includes Cobra driver W.O.R.M.S.!
14" l. 3 1/2" w. 6 1/2" h.