Mold previously used on 1986's Havoc.
Toy Review-

Another classic you can't argue with. The original Sky Hawk was well designed, if a bit simplistic. Two missiles, two cannons, one pilot (and two figures could hang on the skids, if you believed in that sort of thing. The only foible was the wing assemblies were easily removed...too easily...this resulted in two things: 1) wings falling off at unintended times in mid-play, and 2) wings were able to be 'blasted-off' in mid-play as well. VTOL was a cool feature for a toy back then...and (thanks to not having played with it much) my Sky Patrol Sky Hawk still looks great, it's silvery 'Chrome' finish is as bright as ever. It makes a good companion to my Sky SHARC, also still in great shape.

Vehicle History-

Feeling the crunch of congressional budget cutting and intusive oversight hearings, the Joes were hard pressed to cover all the areas of responsibility they were assigned. Responding to possible threats from the air, the Joes planned to recruit and train an elite unit, specializing in aerial operations -- Sky Patrol. They recieved approval for the man power, but only recieved half the budget they requested for hardware. They were forced to get a little creative with their techniques. They turned to the vehicles most frequently used, due to their reliablility. The Sky Hawk, once mass produced for the Joes, had proved an excellent aerial scout and light strike platform, with easy to learn control surfaces, and mission configurable payloads. With the advent of new technology the body was coated in special materials, and the Sky Hawks, no longer produced, but already widely available, saw new life in Sky Patrol.

*Vehicle history is my own, unauthorized fan-fiction, and is not intended to represent any information ever established by Marvel or Hasbro, or any other 'official' source.
Review by: Rion