The Raider is not a kind of tank in real life. I like it because of the bottom, theres a cockpit with a giant cannon on it, the protection to the cockpit is a half sphere-like bubble. When you take the cockpit off the front part of the raider wont hold up with out two steel legs being put down. All together the raider can hold 13, two of them driving in the front, 1 in the cockpit, 8 in the back in an opening room, and 1 person can ride on each side of the raider except the front and back end. Theres also double lazers on both sides. So the Raider is one of my favorites.
From the catalog:

Raider keeps the action churniung as it positions its needle-nose missiles for a clear shot at Cobra! With detachable front scout vehicle, rotating body turret, driver HOT SEAT and lots more!
19" l. x 8" w. x 6" h.
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