The smallest of the Slaughterís Marauders tanks reuses the chassis of the original 1985 Armadillo mini-tank, painted in the Slaughterís Marauders camouflage pattern (of course), with a different turret. The new turret lack the quad-guns of the original, instead it has a large missile rack consisting of three tubes on each side of the vehicle, which looks like a smaller version of the Equalizerís missile launchers. In fact, it uses the exact same missiles as the Equalizer. As such, the launcher looks too big for the small tank that itís mounted on. Also of note, this Armadillo lacks the rear roll bar/handle bar of the original, but has a third set of wheels under the rear of the tank, probably for balance. This vehicle is probably the least impressive of the Slaughterís Marauders tanks, but itís not a bad vehicle, especially when used in an anti-aircraft role. That said, I recommend acquiring the superior 1985 original before you get the Slaughterís Marauders version. Review by: Aaron
Mold was previously used on 1985's Armadillo Mini-Tank
From the catalog:

Using its tactical rocket launcher, Armadillo unloads a heavy rocket barrage at an uncoming squadron of Cobra Condor Z25s! Features a rocket launching system, six anti-aircraft rockets, and swiveling rocket turret.
7 1/2" l. x 3 1/2" w. x 5" h.