Original Stun!
Ahh yes, the COBRA Stun. This is one bad ass looking steroid pumped 3 wheeler, maneuvered by a Motor Viper figure (who looked more like a Space Cowboy figure but I liked him anyway). It was armed with the two pods in front that could swivel about 90 degrees or so to face the enemy with two really bug double barrel cannons. That's just fine when you wanna attack some Joe's but when they come lookin' for you, all you've got is a tailgunner who fires a wee little machine gun and a prayer. I could never understand why the toy makers never protected the vehicle operators. They all sit out in the open! at least with the HAVOC the driver had what I guess is cannon proof windshields. Review by:Milt
Mold was later used for 1989's Python Stun
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