Mold previously used on 1986's Conquest X-30 and later on 1998's Conquest
Toy review-

While I have never owned the Python conquest, I spent many days and nights fighting the original Conquest into submission. The tail and small side wings were the chief of the problems. They kept falling off. The modle glue I attempted to use was not very effective, and messy to boot. Otherwise it was a solid toy, the missiles stayed on, the landing gear did too, no major concerns. I can only assume that the Python Conquest shared it's predecessors successes and troubles.

Vehicle History-

After suffering numerous defeats at the hands of the Joes, Cobra Commander set about to beat them at their own game. The Conquest X-30 had unquestionable air superiority, out performing the time-tested Skystrikers. In seeking designs for his Python Patrol, he settled on the Conquest for air support. A quick phonecall and 48 hours later, Zartan had obtained copies of the blueprints from the military contractor and production was underway. While Python Patrol did not see extensive service, it is believed that Destro's MARS corporation also has a copy of the schematics, possibly acquired through the US Government as part of the deal which got them some of the specs for Cobra vehicles later used in Tiger Force operations, such as the Water Mocassin and Rattler.

*Vehicle history is my own, unauthorized fan-fiction, and is not intended to represent any information ever established by Marvel or Hasbro, or any other 'official' source.
Review by: Rion
From the catalog:

Python Patrol takes to the sky in this newly outfitted tactical fighter! It has an advanced forward-swept wing design and comes with four missiles, retractable landing gear, removable engine cover, and removable drop tanks.
Actual size: 19"l. x 13"w. x 5 3/4" h.