This is in the eyes of many GIJoe fans, one of the worst vehicles, while the line was still good. I haven't played with a complete one in years, but even then, I remember that it wasn't that great a vehicle. What's up with those incompatible-to-any-other-vehicle missiles? I think the main flaw to it, may have been its sci fi-ness. It just didn't come off well with this vehicle, at all. Basically, this vehicle was ugly. Very. One of the bright sides to this vehicle...OK, the only bright side, is the wheels. They've got a little suspension to them. A nice feature. But what kind of "tank" has wheels? Ten of them, at that? This isn't some personel carrier. It should have treads! For the completist, or weirdo only. Back.
Cannon turrent was later reused for 1989's Slaughter's Marauders Lynx. Mold reused for the 1988 Night Force Night Storm