really does look like a Stingray
The Sea Ray is Cobra's answer to the Sharc, G.I. Joe's flying submarine. The Sea Ray looks like a manta-ray, and is armed with 2 guns and 8 missiles, more firepower than it's Joe counterpart. It can carry 3 figures, a pilot in the cockpit, a diver on a backpeg under the cockpit, and glider pilot on another backpeg. Operating the Sea Ray, is a pretty goofy looking Cobra called "Sea Slug", one of many who are qualified Cobra Eels. He has the Sea Ray's symbol on his chest, and comes a unique pistol.

The Sea Ray's main feature is that it can split into two separate units, a mini-sub and glider. This leads to my biggest complaint about the vehicle; it's not that easy to separate the two units, in fact I'm always afraid I'll break the darn thing. Also, I always wondered how the "glider" could glide, since it's metal, but judging from the package artwork, the glider is supposed to be jet-powered. My other complaints are minor, I don't care for the pinkish-red missiles, and I wish it had some landing gear so it could park on land.

Overall, I like the Sea Ray. It's not among my favorites, but I think it's a pretty good looking high-tech vehicle.
Review by: Aaron