The Cobra Moray. The backbone of Cobra's naval fleet. This is one of my favorite toys for G.I. Joe. Its armed to the teeth and sleek. Four pop up surface to air or surface to surface missiles, two rockets on the sides, two mammoth torpedos, twin cannons, 4 mini machine guns, depth charges, a small gun in between the pilots (has any one ever used that thing?) and a double barreled swivelling cannon elevated above the drivers. This thing is a floating arsenal. A stream lined hull, jet engine in the rear, and dual hydrofoils (ok these are really stupid but they make nice stands) make this the fastest thing in the water. The Joes have no naval eqivalent to counter the Moray. The only thing that comes close is the WHALE and with it's slow speed and armaments all facing forward, it's dead in the water. A fine toy, this is an absolute must if you collect the watercraft. Review by: MarvlosToy
Mold was later used for 1989's Night Force Night Moray back