what the hell was the man at hasbro thinking when he created THIS?!
When this thing came out, I thought it was the dumbest idea and I wasn't about to waste any of my allowance on it. However, I ended up getting one later while doing the flea market thing. While it's not anyhwere near as cool as most Cobra vehicles, I have found some redeeming qualities to it. I like some of the details, such as the way the canopy opens, and the hydrolic lines from the legs to the body. I think the swivel laser gun on the bottom is kinda cool too. I have no idea how the driver would be able to control this thing once it got off the ground. But I still like the Pogo on some level, it makes a good companion on missions involving Trouble Bubbles and that sort of stuff. Not a must-have, but not total trash either. by: Scott
Mold later used in 1994's Cobra Invader
From the catalog:

This one-man battle ball features three landing legs, propulsion tubing, missiles, positionable machine gun and opening clam shell canopy!
7" l. x 7" w. x 6 1/4" h.