The Retaliator is a bomb dropping rescue chopper. In my opinion, this is an awesome helicopter to add to your arsenal. It has an armament of 4 missiles, a machine gun(under the nose), and 9 bombs. The rear half of the chopper folds down revealing a rescue claw that folds out of the rear shaft. The rear landing gear has a trigger on it that opens and closes the pinchers on the claw to make the pick up. The only drawback to the chopper is that there is no way to keep the chopper from folding unless you hold it with two hands. The piece that holds the nose gun is also the bomb bay door. It slides forward to open the bay(dropping the bombs) and slides back to close the bay. The pilot, Updraft, is equally as cool as the chopper itself. He comes with a helmet and gun. The helmet make shis head look oblong, and the figure looks better without it.Review by: Prozac
Special thanks to Prozac for the great picture!